burning .cue or .bin files

I downloaded a game and when I opened it , I saw it had .CUE and .BIN files in it.
I know that .BIN is an image file - What is .cue then.

I have NERO (latest version) and would like to burn the game so I can test it.
WHat should I do ?
Do I burn both the .CUE and .BIN files or do I burn just one of them ?
I have searched the web but am a little confused. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks experts.
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Hi deersuper...

Just open the .CUE file with your Nero software and it will automatically associate this with the media that you are going to make, for example a VCD.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Cue files specify the format of the disk for the bin file.  Make sure the bin and cue files are in the same place then tell nero you want to burn a disk image.  Select the cue file - it will then burn the disk using the bin file (the cue file is a text only file - you can open it and see what it says - it's just parameters for the buring of the bin file.
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Well I agree with ilovemykeyki ... but don't try making a new CD by just adding a .cue and .bin files on it ... you have to open them inside NERO and NERO will tell you havet type of medium it will burn

Other thing is ... if you're just up to test the image and play the game.. you don't even need to burn it on the CD.
You can also use the software like VirtualCD or Alcohol 120 to simulate a CD-ROM in which you can open those bin/cue files/images and play the game without burning it on CD.

Here's some links



Hope this will help you out.
Open Nero, and cancel out of the New Compilation dialogue that opens so that you end up looking at a blank, grey screen. On the main menu, go to Recorder / Burn Image, and navigate to the folder containint the bin and cue files. Select the cue file, and burn away.
Yeah, the easiest (sure) way of burning it would be to open Nero and just select File->Open.  Find the cue file (you may to change the view to all files) and then hit open, Nero will do the rest.
Well I cant say much or hope for any point coz the experts hv already solved your problem. The point is how will u divide ur points.


deersuperAuthor Commented:
Hi everybody, Sorry for not getting back to you earlier. I just got back from out of town. Tonight I sit down and put all this information to use. Will post as soon as I am done.

Thanks and thanks again for waiting
sure..no worries. c",)
The best program to burn bin and cue is fireburner
link: http://www.igdsoftware.com/index.php?page=4&sid=c1f1aec011728575728d6a268673cb04
or convert bin to iso with this http://www.downloadatoz.com/winiso/ or other on the site
hope that helps
Ey thanks for the points....

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