Creating a CD that will install RedHat 9 and my own software

I want to package my software with a linux RedHat 9 installation so that I can supply to users a CD that will automatically install a slim RedHat 9 platform and my software. At the moment my software is bundled in a tar file. Thank you very much in advanced... Shirly.
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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:

   First, it's illegal to package your software with other vendor software/OS without that vendor's authorization.
Even though RedHat Linux 9 is free.

   Second, it will become your responsibility to support RedHat Linux's issues for your users/customers since it's in your package.

   However, you can package your software with RedHat Linux 9 original CDs, and give them the kickstart configuration. So the
user will install RedHat Linux 9 with your configuration.

  For Kickstart, you can check the following URL:


jdfoxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's not illegal to fork a distro of Linux.  Mandrake started out as a fork of Red Hat, and so did Linux Mobile System, and many others.

The name "Red Hat" is trademarked though, so you won't be able to call it Red Hat if you change the distro, you'll need to call it Shirly Linux or something. :)  Keep in mind that maintaining your own distro is not a trivial task however.

If you want your distro to be all on one CD, you might want to consider using Fedora, the community version of what used to be called Red Hat Linux:

There are single-CD distros based on Fedora around, though some people find the size of a single CD to be a bit limiting.  What does your application need?  Does it need a graphical desktop, for example?  How about networking?

Knoppix is a single-CD distro that has been customized a lot:
Check out Damn Small Linux on that list: they've managed to get that puppy down to just 50MB, amazing.

Alternatively, you might consider teaming up with a group that already maintains a distro, and get your application bundled in there. That way, your app adds value to their distro, and you don't have the hassle of maintaining the whole distro, just test and maintain your app on it, so both partners win.  
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