VB TextBox can't reduce height

I have an odd situation that I cannot reduce the height of a textbox below 315.
I can add a new textbox and the default for that is 285.  Then I made some changes and pasted it into a picturebox for grouping inputs.  I then tried to change width... at some point in editing it changed height and now will not let me reduce that height.  Even in F4 properties I can select height, change it, and when I move out it pops back to 315.  

Anyone seen this before?

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The text box will auto set it's height to the minimum required to fit a font. If at some point you changed the font or font attributes then this would be the cause.

hi torrid333

The minimum height of the textbox depend upon the font, font style and font size if its too small then text box width can be reduced.  
Shiju SasidharanAssoc Project ManagerCommented:

try to make the font style from Bold to Regular if u had put so

If I remember correctly, changing the font of a Text Box to Arial results in the minimum height being 315 (unless you decrease the font size). You can try another font. MS Sans Serif is the default.

torrid333Author Commented:
I could make adjustments by removing the option to lock to grid. I also played with the default font for the form.
And also played with adjusting font size.  All of these things seem to have an affect but there was no magic bullet to the issue.  Even with changing font sizes, etc some of my text boxes do not resize to the same size of other controls on the same form.  So most times I have to manually set the size properties to get it to match the size of other text boxes.  I appreciate your insight but I think the IDE is not very user friendly in this area.
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