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Hi all, how's it going? Ok, I'm setting up a network for my church and I want to have two parts of the network, an administrative side which will contain a member database and other databases that I obviously want to keep secure.  The other side of the network will have a 12 computer lab and a wireless AP.  We have DSL coming in for the Internet and I want both sides to have acess to it.  

I'm envisioning a router that will take the Ethernet link in from the DSL modem, and shoot out two seperate Ethernet links for the two sides of the network I want to have.  Of course being able to block the two sides from seeing each other.  I have a Cisco 2600 at work that does this but that's out of my price range.  I'm thinking sub $200-$300.

So does anyone have any ideas about an affordable router that'll do this? Or a combination of devices that'll do this? I know I could probably set up a Linux box to do the NAT but I'm not going to be at this church forever and I need something that I don't have to worry about the next person that's going to come along and have to support this.  It's much easier to leave instructions for running a firmware update from a web browser than doing anything on a Linux box, at least from my experience...

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grbladesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would recomend that you get a DSL router which will provide the NAT functions and connect this to your lab network. These are very easy to configure and quite cheap.

You then just need a normal router to link the secure and the insecure networks together. There is no reason why you cannot use another DSL router for this.
salvagbfAuthor Commented:
Yeah I guess I may have to do that.  I was just kind of hoping to find a single device to use.  I'll keep this question open a little more just in case anyone else finds something.
MarkDozierConnect With a Mentor Commented:
One way to do this would be a DSL router like a DLINK. connect that to a managed switch and use VLANS to seperate the subnets. Between Dlink DSL router and one of the new cheap managed switches you should be able to stay in your price range.
salvagbfAuthor Commented:
Nice, I hadn't even thought about that Mark.  You both had good ideas, thanks a bunch!
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