Exchange/Outlook 2003: Task Reminders for people that have assigned tasks to other users.


I have a client with and Exchange 2003/Outlook 2003 environment.

The manager likes to be able to create tasks in Outlook and assign them to other employees. His complaint is that when he assigns the task, only the person he has assigned it to gets the reminders. He wants to continue getting reminders for all tasks, those in his task list and those he has assigned to other employees.

Is this possible in Outlook 2003?

Thanks in advance,

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Only option i can see this happening is by creating a public Folder and make sure that the public folder holds Task items.

To do this, go to Outlook 2003, then to public folders, right click the public folder this item should be placed in chioose "New Folder". Then, when you create the folder, make sure to choose Task Items when it asks you whioch items it should hold
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