Missing Operating System

I have a single 160GB hard drive, but it is partitioned this way C: 14gb and D: 129gb.  The C: drive was getting full and I was trying to change the partition percentages, so I went to disk manager and I formatted the D: drive (which had nothing on it).  I couldnt figure out how to change it so I left it alone.   The computer was working fine later that day and then I lost power to my house.  Upon rebooting I recieved a Missing Operating System error and after several reboots, It changed to Invalid partition table.  I need my pc to do my online college and now I am screwed can you help?
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I think you've lost everything. Did you create a Disk Manager boot/recovery disk?

If you have to start over with a complete reinstall, increase the size of C: (to about 40GB - 60GB) and try to separate your data files onto drive D: as an added precaution against having to do a clean reinstall on C:
The power outage probably caused the hard drive to glitch out and lose its bootablity.

The fact that you deleted the 129gb partition prior to that should not have mattered, it was probably just concidence.  its no big deal to have a paritally partitioned (your 14 gigs out of 160 gigs).  

What I would do is do a repair of windows xp.  Put your xp cd and boot to it and then do a repair install.  Hopefuly that will rewrite the corrupted boot info and cause your comptuer to be able to boot again.

Its also possible that the powerfailure actually did physically harm the drive.,  If the reinstall of windows doesn't work, then you might have a bad drive on your hands.
chuckiebaby91169Author Commented:
The computer didnt come with a CD recovery disk.  It is supposed to have it built in.  It is brand new.  I live on a remote Island off the coast of Italy and there isnt a computer repair shop anywhere.
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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
i would try do fix the master boot record..
booti up with windows xp cd in to recovery console
then type fixmbr

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Zaheer IqbalTechnical Assurance & ImplementationCommented:
try fixboot to ..   http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/home/using/productdoc/en/default.asp?url=/windowsxp/home/using/productdoc/en/bootcons_fixboot.asp

Also try chkdsk /r
this will issue a disk which may take a while..
Dude you should have bought a DELL.
What brand and modle is your computer? If we llok at the documentation we maybe able to give you a more clear in-dpeth answer. or some better ideals.
chuckiebaby91169Author Commented:
Sony Vaio
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