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how to implement wap push technolgy

Hello to all of you.
I am doing a project and i want to implement wap push technology. How can i achieve this so that a wap page is pushed from a wta/wap server to a mobile phone who has subscribed to the service.
2 Solutions
Hi coolsteam,

Your Question is not very much clear?

if you want to write wml pages...
visit : http://www.w3schools.com/wap/wap_intro.asp

for any thing else ....
visit : http://www.thewirelessfaq.com/
this will answer all of ur queries .. i think!

First of all you have to understand what a PPG (push proxy gateway) is.
Is very simple to do it, you have to parse some HTTP headers from the packets of phone that sends when it connects to your server. This headers will tell you the SID (Subscriber ID) of the phone and the PPG address and port of the carrier (for Nextel I think it is: net1.nextelinterantional.com:445).
Then you have to send a simple message including the cellphone SID, Title (of the message) and a URL (your page or server) to the Carrier PPG and the phone receives the push alert.

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If you want more information about PPGs/Push Messages/WAP, check this out:

Hope it helps
I agree
You can send a WAP Push SMS (SI or SL) that triggers the application download via GPRS.  

Most phones today support WAP Push Service Indicator, which will prompt the user whether to download the file, e.g. Java Midlet.  The other kind of WAP Push is WAP Push Service Load, which is disabled some models.

A pre-requisite is that the phone user must have GPRS configured and enabled on his mobile.

Many SMS Software provide WAP Push capability over SMS bearer.  There is an open source solution, Kannel, and there are commercial Windows based solutions, e.g. http://www.sms-gateway-software.com/products_enterprise.htm.


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