Configure Client PC's for connection to win2k3 remotely

First off. I might add in more questions are this thread goes on. Hence 500 points. please dont request I split the thread or anything if I ask another question later on which would be relevant to the first questions.

How can I remotely connect to client machines on the network from my XP Pro machine? They range from, XP, 200O, M.E., 98, 95, and NT.

I need to run some sort of remote command line utilty without the user being aware. How can this be done?

I also will need to copy of some things from the users profile. Any suggestions how I should do this? A new profile will be created on the local machine. Could I instead have this profile created on my Windows 2003 server instead and then use ROBOCOPY to move all old settings remotely via the command line to the Windows 2003 server? This is a vital part.

For the above to work, I will log onto the machine via some remote command prompt. Then I'll change the domain + DNS settings. Then I will reboot the machine. At this point I need to setup some sort of "auto login" onto the new domain (how can this be done). Or I need to get some sort of command prompt again before the login screen and login remotely. Again how would this be done.

Once I am in, a new profile will be created. Hopefully on the server not the local machine. Then I will use robocopy to move the old files from the local profiles to the server. Some outlook files are as big as 2gb!

 I would appreciate some assistance with this. As I said, I might think up 1 more issue when change from the NT domain to the 2K3 domain, but at the moment I think this is all the problems i might run into.

I think If i can do all of the above, we can do this server migration without having to wonder all around the building manually updating machines. This is something I want to do as a very last resort.
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Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:
to be honest If you want to do just remote control Id be using Dameware (Link Above) Like I say Ive not tried to remote a win2000 pc over RDP - I just fire Dameware at it :)
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Remote Control

To Remote Control another PC/Server over a network you need some dedicated software
The most popular (because its free) is VNC (Virtual Network Computing) you can download it here or Consider

RemoteControl from DataSet
HueyPC From GID Software
Commercial Software
PC Anywhere
NetOP From CrossTec
RADMIN from Sunbelt (cheap on small networks)

NOTE: If you intend to remotely control a Windows 2000 server use Terminal Services (add it as a
windows component and select remote ADMINISTRATION MODE) This gives you up to 2 concurrent connections
On your client install adminpak.msi from the W2K server disk. This RARELY works for Win XP, to fix  
download this patch.

If your using Windows XP consider "Remote assistance"
If you need to connect to XP using OLDER operating systems look here

Windows Netmeeting supports "remote desktop sharing"

Bear in mind if you need to go through a router at home, you will need to enable port forwarding.
Or If you are going through a firewall you may need to open some ports, see the product documentation
for more details.

I've trialed A LOT of remote control software and to be honest this beats everything, you don't need
to install anything on the "Target" PC (if its 2K or XP)
Mini Remote Control

ADD Right click remote control to Active directory users and computers snap-in

Of course if you lucky enough to have Novell you can use ZenWorks for Desktops as well!
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the list Pete. :-)

What things in the user profile do I need to move over to the new user profile in windows 2003?

And how can i get the user profiles to be stored on the server instead of the client machines?

Do you know how I can have the outlook.pst files stored on the server instead of the client machine?

Also I am interested in the "remote control" thing for Active Directory. If that is installed would I then have the option to remotely control computers running 95, NT, 98, 2000 and XP home and Pro? if not what OS's could I control? Or is there a client thing I could install on the legacy systems so I could use this feature?
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georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
I have also tryed install the Remote Control snap in but am having trouble running it. I installed it on the server. And copyied over rcontrol to the client machine. in the WINNIT directory.

When i go to "AD - Users and Computers" and right click on my user account I dont see any new options.

What did I do wrong?
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
Pete you there? ;-)

Guess you've having a busy day! :-)

OK, I found how to remote control a pc with the snap in. Problem is it doesnt work on 2000 pro for me. Anyway i get get it to work on all OS's or at least a few more other than XP?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
hi george - sorry I dont get mail notifs till I get home :(

>>on 2000 pro for me. Anyway i get get it to work on all OS's or at least a few more other than XP?

correct to connect to clients other than XP they need to have the remote desktop plugin installed you can download it from M$

georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
I installed the client on my windows 2000 machine but dont seem to be able to connect to it.

Where can I "enable" remote connection?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
not set it up on 2000 if you right click my computer and select properties do you have a remote tab?

if not - id guess start >run >gpedit.msc and allow remote connections
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
no, I checked and dont have the remote tab bit. The funny thing is it installs properly and I can open it from start, .... communications, remote connection. But I dont have a remote tab on my computer. I also went via the system option from control panel and its still not there.

I had a look though gpedit.msc - Any ideas where abouts inside the headers this might be?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Im on XP here hang on............
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
what you got in

computer config/windows settings/security settings/local policies/user rights assignment
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
I had a look and another look. I cant see anything with "remote connection" or similar listed.
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
Also what sort of requirements do I need to setup for remote connection?

When I load up the app it cannot connect via IP or computer name. Does it require DNS? WINS?
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
ok, I found out I have to install Terminal Services on my machine.

Except in the add/remove windoze componants I dont have an option to install terminal services :(
Is there any way around this?

I just released this version of windows 2000 is an upgrade edition. Would that make a difference? Can i download the terminal services client anywhere?
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
>>Is there any way around this?

you can only install TS on a 2000 server?
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
oh ok.

But remoete connection keeps moaning. "terminal services not installed"

Am I only able to connect to a server with the remoete connection tool? Or can I connect to a desktop PC? Maybe i have become confused.
georgecooldudeAuthor Commented:
Thanks for all the help in this topic Pete.

I've learned alot. I think i will abandon my attempt to use remote connection. Perhaps I will talk to the boss and see if they want to install VNC on the client machines.

Once again thanks! :-)
Pete LongTechnical ConsultantCommented:
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