Trouble with logic around recurring document collections

Hi all

I am trying to build an org chart using document collections. currently , I get the CEO of the company & the build a document collection of all the people who are under Him/Her . Then I call the function again to complie the collection under that person & so on  & so on....

My problem is that I can build the structure  fine for the first person under the CEO but I cannot go back up the strucure to get to the next person ...

                       Person 1
                           Person 1.1
                           Person 1.2
                             Person 1.2.1
                           Person 1.3
                      Person 2
                      Person 3
in my sub routine , I can get the following structure :

                               Person 1
                                    Person 1.1
then I am stuck cos I have lost my previous collections .... any ideas

Here is the code that I currently have :

Sub GetEmployees(ID As String)
      Set EmployeeCollection = View.GetAllDocumentsByKey(ID)
      If EmployeeCollection.Count = 0 Then
            Print  "No Underlying Employees" + " <br>"
            CurrentTab = currentTab - 5
            Set EmployeeDoc = employeeCollection.GetFirstDocument
            While Not EmployeeDoc Is Nothing
                  CurrentTab = CurrentTab + 5
                  Print EmployeeDoc.FirstName(0) + " " + employeeDoc.LastName(0) + " <br>"
                  Call GetEmployees(EmployeeDoc.PersonID(0))
                  Set employeeDoc = EmployeeCollection.GetNextDocument(EmployeeDoc)
      End If
End Sub  
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Hey buddy,

PParumanAuthor Commented:

ooh Thanks .... sorry , wrong terminology :)

Mind is messed up with other things...

Do you have any idea how to overcome this problem ?

Define EmployeeCollection as local variable in this sub. Your previos collections will not lost after returning to previos levels and the same level of recursion.

WBR, Alex

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THere is a top level document. It is a Main document.

And there are some level 2 documents. They are responses to top level document. They are response documents.

And there are some level 3 documents. They are responses to level 2 document. They are response to response documents.

And so on...

The key lies in the fact that, you can easily write a routine that recursively drills-down the child document collection given its Unique Note ID. The routine will not only list the current level document but also recursively go down traversing down to the lowest level document in the hierarchy. They prototype of such a routine could be:

Sub ListChildren (strParentDocID as string)

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