Using Windows XP SP2 OPK

I want to automate the installation of a computer that will always contain the hardware.

I want to preinstall XP without having to respond to prompts:

1. Format hard drive and install OS with drivers.
2. Add my custom logos.

When I tried to use OPK, I boot with the OPK Tools CD and the Winbom.ini floppy, and of course I fail trying to connect to the network workstation with the setup files because the appropriate network drivers for my onboard Intel 10/100 NIC are not loaded.

How do I fix this?
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You need to do a bit of reading cause there won't be enough space to post it. Just follow this lnks.

How to: Windows XP Unattended Installation. You need to configure an answer file. You can find article here:

Customizing Sysprep:

OPK Tools: How to use OPK tools "WITHOUT" a Network!!!!

You can install your OPK tools to a FireWire/USB hard
drive, create your configuration sets on this hard drive,
and then remove the hard drive from the technician's
computer. Then you can connect the drive to your target
computer, boot the computer using WinPE, and install your
configuration set.

When you first install the OPK tools, the FireWire/USB
hard drive must be connected to a computer running
Windows 2000 or Windows XP.

All you need to do is modify the following line in your
WinBOM.ini file:


(You are changing this line from whatever was there
before-e.g., \\server\opktools.)
Take a look here: this site contains all you need to know....add software and hardware to your unattended install, etc.

Have fun!

Blue Rishi
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