sending a small amount of data to keep webserver connection alive.

In the current system that i am using there is a jsp page that processes more than 10,000 items in a while loop from a result set.

I need to send some 'dummy data' to an html page in a hidden field

so that the apache server does not time out within its speficied time.


or is there a way to increase the Apache webserver default time out.




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try this, in ur jsp every 100 item run this:



imramaAuthor Commented:
the apache bridge is every 4 mins, i.e. the  timeout is set to that,  is it possible
to create a thread that will sleep for 4 minutes or something and every 4 minutes it awakes to send something to the server?
imramaAuthor Commented:
in order to keep the bridge open
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suppose that every item u proccess u diplay a row in the page, if u every while sent to the user the finished rows to be displayed it will not disconnect
Ryan ChongCommented:
Maybe you can try create a separte page and simply add a meta tag to refresh the page on a certain interval?

<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="60">

60 = 60 seconds

Will this works for your condition?
what you need to do is, it appears that your jsp is waiting for something to happen in between is that
correct?  if so break up your code into blocks and after each block just send a blank
post request or get request to the server and that should keep the connection open with the
apache server.

hope this helps

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