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Hi EE,

I have a login screen that creates a cookie called 'login' with a value of 'yes' when a user logs in to my CMS.  For as long as the cookie exists, the user has access to the CMS.  I also have phpmyadmin on the server, and i want to restrict access to phpmyadmin, using the same login screen and cookie scheme.  

so, when a user tries for the phpmyadmin directory, i want to have the htaccess file in that directory check for the login cookie with a value of 'yes.'  if no cookie, redirect to login page.  

can someone please help me write the /phpmyadmin/.htaccess file to check for the 'login' cookie with a value of 'yes,' and redirect to ../login.php if no cookie?

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.htaccess authentication is different from a login script authentication. The .htaccess authentication pushes up a browser supplied dialogue box;   If you wish to use a login script authentication, you'll need to put a little handler in each of your programs to check for the cookie.  
bradnobleAuthor Commented:
so, using htaccess, i can't check for the presence of a cookie?

if htaccess can check for a cookie, can't i rewrite to another page if there is no cookie?

As .htaccess is simply an override of the Apache configuration file, I would have thought that there would be no way of checking cookies.  However, after doing a quick search at, I found out I was wrong.

Through mod_rewrite, and the RewriteCond directive, apparently you can check the value of a cookie.  See:

I imagine that it would be something like:

RewriteCond % {HTTP_COOKIE:login} yes [NC]
RewriteRule ...


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bradnobleAuthor Commented:
ok, thanks.

here's how to check for a cookie value in /.htaccess and redirect if the authentication cookie is missing (the auth cookie is called 'login' and the value if the cookie is present is 'yes'):

Options FollowSymLinks
RewriteEngine ON
RewriteCond %{HTTP_COOKIE} !login=yes [NC]
RewriteRule /*      /sysadmin/login.php

Brad -

Glad to have assisted - thanks for the publication of the final result!
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