SQL Server Reporting Services - WorkGroup, not part of Domain - using URL access reports

Hi there


1.Development Server is on WorkGroup, not main Domain. (win 2003 server(std))
2.Accessing dev server via \\Main Domain\Administrator
3.SQL 2K (Std)

SQL Reporting
1.Using SQL authentication for shared resource, rather win authentication.
2.Shared folder, access set to everyone.

Current Situration
1.Have created 5 reports, each has a url within Domino Notes application.  Click on anyone of them (assuming
\\Main Domain\Administrator\) --> reports work ok.
2.Log-on as non-administrator --> click on url, enter site ok, but popup appears asking for authentication of user
e.g. name, pwd & domain.

1.Development Box cannot be joined to main domain
2.Host name e.g. http:\\wtdev01\reportserver  --> dealt with WINS server, not host file !

Any user clicks on URL for the report, will open the report and be run without authentication issues.

1.Custom Authentication (e.g. Form Authentication) - issue cannot use Standard version of SQL Server !  Needs to be Enterprise.  Dead end.

Any ideas.
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Long shot, but try this:
 - Create a SQL user, and set access to allow at least read access of your SQL database
 - Go into Report Manager, and select your reports datasource
 - On the properties tab, set the "Connect Using:" to "Credentials stored securely in the report server"
 - Enter the username and password that you created, and apply the changes
Ramesh SrinivasTechnical ConsultantCommented:
I dont think that will work, as the authentication is required for reportserver and not the sql server datasource. Reporting Services will only authenticate using Windows Authentication and there is no way around it - apart from writing your own custom security extension, but even that is not recommended.

The only other thing you can do is turn on Anonymous Authentication, but that will mean no security.

If it is the development machine that is asking for login, then why is this a problem? After all it is a "development machine", you can afford to type in valid credentials everytime you test it?!


As the development box cannot be on the domain, can't you publish the reports to the Live reporting server and then get the users to access them?
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ImraneAAuthor Commented:
Hi there

Sorry for not responding earlier, totally mobbed by heavry workload.

Solved the problem.  This is how I done it :-

Within IIS Manager, set Reports, Reportserver + Actual Project to the following:-

1.Ticked   --> Integrated Windows Authentication
2.Disabled --> Anonymous User (Internet Windows User)



Add a new user --> workgroup\Name of Internet User Windows (default) ISUR something (can't remember exactly)
This user given browser rights.

3.(Maybe not needed !) Gave default rights (read & write etc) for Visual Studio Project.

4.Within IIS Manager, set Reports, Reportserver + Actual Project to the following:-

1.Ticked   --> Integrated Windows Authentication
2.Enabled --> Anonymous User (Internet Windows User)

Checked by logging on as non-administrator user on domain.  Reports run ok by clicking on URL.  No other access rights given.  No form appearing asking for authentication.

It works fine for this situration.

I would not like to delete this question, as it will help others.  

Ramesh SrinivasTechnical ConsultantCommented:
Basically, you turned on Anonymous Authentication as I mentioned.
ImraneAAuthor Commented:
Yes.  But the steps to get there I figured out by myself...
Ramesh SrinivasTechnical ConsultantCommented:
There are no steps. After you turn it on thats it. There was no need to create a user or give rights - hence the term "Anonymous".

But thats okay, as long as you're happy!
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