Can't get to google or company web

I am about to go insane trying to solve this problem.  It goes like this...
Installed SBS2003 with 11 clients on network.
all working perfectly for few months
Now for some reason (nothing chnaged I am aware of) I can no longer get to google from the server or workstations
can also not access http://companyweb/ intranet.  Both were working perfectly up to a week ago.
I can ping (or .com) but not ( or .com).
The DNS is setup to use my ISP's dns servers as forwarders and works for all other sites that I am aware of.
an nslookup sessions shows...
C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator>nslookup
Default Server:  server.kiddco.local
Server:  server.kiddco.local

DNS request timed out.
    timeout was 2 seconds.
*** Request to server.kiddco.local timed-out
> server
Default Server:

Non-authoritative answer:
Aliases: is one of my forwarders.  result is the same for any google site.

Companyweb just give me a 11004 error from isa every time I try to access it from any internal station.

Can anyone PLEASE help.
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Try adding the providers DNS servers to your own machines DNS setting and make sure you can send DNS request to the internet through yuour firewal (UDP port 53).. If this works, something's wrong with the forwarder setup or the connection of the SBS server.

Also, try to reboot the DNS server and try to do a ipconfig /flushdns on the SBS server (first the flushdns off course..)
rmarstonAuthor Commented:
no problems getting dns requests through isa beacause every other site other than *.google.* and companyweb, works perfectly, so I don't think it is a problem with my forwarder setup.  

DNS server has been started stopped restarted booted, you name it soooo many times it is absurd. have also already tried /flushdns, /registerdns on all machines including server to no avail.

The wierd thing is I can ping but not or etc etc.  The IP I get from a google ping is the same as doing it on a pc setup to bypass the sbs2003 box.  This PC gets to google no probs so it is obviously something with the sbs2003 box.  It's DNS server just wont resolve these 2 sites for some reason.

Thanks for the input though.  Any other thing I might try?
rmarstonAuthor Commented:
I have found an answer to my problem so question topic can be closed.  Must say I was expecting more response to the problem.  I wonder why hardly anybody responded...  Oh Well. Live and learn.
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Hi rmarston,

People only respond if they think they can help, also, we are here for our own fun, we don't get paid to give answers, so if a lot of people are on EE, you will get more responses...

Also, could you please post the solution, so the question can be closed?? If you want to close the question, you can post a close and refund question on the support area on the top right corner...
rmarstonAuthor Commented:
My mistake.  I was under the mistaken impression that the large amount of money it cost me to join implied a professional servicebeing offered.  I guess I should have read the fine print prior to forking out my hard earned cash. "caveat emptor". Oh well...

The solution was that my dns service was a little confused with the world for some reason unknown.  The dns server had decided suddenly that it did not like UDP packets greater than 512 being returned from a request.  seems* is about the only site we use were this is the case as appaerntly EDNSO probes are enabled by default.  The solution to this problem was to load 2003 support tools and use the following command line to disable EDNSO responses to DNS requests.

dnscmd /Config /EnableEDnsProbes 0

It, for some reason known only to a shadowy MS boffin, is case sensitive as I discovered.  That's a zero on the end not a capital o to btw.
Seems odd to me that only googles EDNSO responses were larger than 512 but a quick packet inspection of several DNS requests revealed that to be true in my case.  I have no idea at all why it suddenly decided to behave like this.

That solved the google part of the equation.  The companyweb component was solved by deleting and recreating the cname alias in the forward lookup zone for companyweb and setting it to the FQDN of the server. in my case server.kiddco.local . Hey Presto!
Please lose question and delete points whatever that means...
PAQed with points refunded (500)

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