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I`m currently re-loading much of my software mainly via web-downloads onto one of the PC`s I`ve recently built. There`s NO  problem booting up or connecting online for both Internet and email. However when I go into the tray to select, say, My Documents or My Computer a problem has just recently developed where the system immediately crashes! Eg, Start to tray is fine, but when selecting it immediately reverts to the desk top and halts everything untill I re-boot to access Internet.. I have scanned with Panda anti-virus which includes a firewall and clear of viruses as expected. I have SP2 from CD installed and Ewido Security which compliments the anti-virus, also Spy Blaster - though perhaps the latter is now redundant. If it is a configuration problem I will have a difficulty uninstalling as I need the My Computer access unless there`s an alternative..
Advice appreciated with thanks   -  longlife      
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Thanks for your nice words. Put those words in my feedback so that everyone would know..

Hi longlife,

When you say access "my documents" and "my computer" near the system tray , do you mean the word "my computer >>"
just to left of the system tray but in the task bar ?

Try these

a) boot to normal mode
go to start --> run--> msconfig

go to startup tab and disable all applications except anti-virus and firewall
go to services tab and check "hide microsoft services" and then uncheck all services there

Restart and check now

b) go to start > run > sfc /scannow and press Enter
Have your XP CD ready.
restart and check if that issue still occurs.

longlifeAuthor Commented:
Sun Ray:  Re answer - Thanks - It didn`t work but I have concluded that it must be a bug. The reason is that I am also re-installing (downloading) on a second PC with some of the same software and the problem has re-occurred there too..  At a certain time MS returns "DrWatson Post Mortem Debugger has encountered a problem..." and most Windows installed areas are blocked - including Recycle Bin - just glad Internet`s OK. There`s a software I`ve re-installed called "I E Contacts Spy" which is an IE plug-in listing, and I`m wondering if this is causing the hiccup in view of current security updates.
Cheers - Longlife            
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can you uninstall some of the softwares that you installed recently and figure out which one might be causing the issue

Also try to login using a different new user account and see the behaviour there
longlifeAuthor Commented:
To Sunray-
Thanks for the speedy return and advice. I`d considered uninstalling as you`ve suggested, to track the culprit. But I can`t get into the area through My Computer to the Install/Uninstall panel as it`s one of the blocked accesses. I`ll try through
Start/All Programmes
Regards - longlife    
you are saying , you cannot access control panel > add/remove programs ?

try to login in safe mode and as administrator and then try
longlifeAuthor Commented:
You`re a genius!!  I took your advice and went through Safe Mode to Administrator, then Control Panel, and uninstalled the couple of programmes where I thought one, at least, was to blame and the problem is solved.. Perhaps it had an SP2 conflict.
With thanks - Longlife  
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