Dell 2650 - can I mirror the existing Raid0 array to a second raid0 array


I have a Dell 2650, currently with 2x74GB SCSI drives striped on RAID0.  I need to add reducncy to this and was thinking of adding a further two 74GB SCSI drives and effectively mirroring drive 1 and 2 across to drive 3 and 4 - is this possible without a complete re-install (i.e. on the fly), and would I need a second raid card?

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If you are looking at getting 2 more drive anyway, why not go to RAID5? This would change your available space from 74GB to 222GB (with 4 74GB drive) or 148GB (using 3 drives with 1 hot spare). Should be as easy as breaking the mirror and using the Dell software to create the RAID5. Of course I would also do this after a full backup and while no users are on as the rebuild of the RAID will be using a lot of resources. The last time I did this took a couple of hours to rebuild, but no real problems.
zeppelin456Author Commented:
The problem is that it is currently striped, not mirrored, so I can add the extra drives but don't think I can go to Raid5 without a complete rebuild.  However I am hoping that I can add the two new drives, stripe them and then mirror to the existing without a rebuild???
if it's currently a raid 0 of 2x76gig drives, this is roughly 148gig of space, you can do a "reconstruct" or "reconfigure" using array manager to make your array a raid 5 by adding only 1 more 76g drive, now, this will require a rebuild, but it will not require you to reinstall the OS or load any data from backup (please make sure to backup your data as a failsafe before trying this....most of the time they work fine, but a change like this can lead to data corruption).....and if you are adding two more drives, you can do the exact same thing and your capacity will be approximately 220 gig (unless you use one as a hotspare like mwhatley says, which is not a bad idea at all, infact, I recommend it).  

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zeppelin456Author Commented:
Thanks guys.  I will go to Raid5 with hotspare as you both suggested (backup first though!!!)  Didn't realise you could do this from Raid0 without much hassle.  Will split the points as really mwhatley answered in the first place but jeff cleared it up a little better for me!!!  Hope you guys are OK with this.  Thanks everso
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