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Is there an advantage to partitioning one hard drive into C: and D: partitions and placing the operating system on just the C: partition with all other programs and data being placed on D:
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Depends on the situation , I guess and I donot see any advantage or disadvantage. I have not practically worked in this situation but i guess it should be the same.

Any specific reason why you wanted to do that. I can understand , you can be clear on which one is where and help you access your data pretty fast. You can do the search effectively and so forth.

If you do something like above , you might be ending up doing some basic registry tweaks like when you download some file from internet or anywhere , it will by default want to save that file in C location and you might want to change that in registry so that it goes to D by default.

Yes, by partitioning your drive so that the OS is on one partition, you can create smaller Ghost images (or whatever software you choose for backup).  Smaller backup images mean faster backups and faster restores, so you're more likely to backup.  You will also have more room on your drive for these images.

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The main advantage is, that, when properly configured, you can separate your files from operating system and program files. In case you need to do clean install, you can easily format C drive, while all your data safely rezides in D drive.

Also, like Callandor mentioned, you can have smaller OS snapshots (compare ~1-2 GB of system files in C and 50 GB of music in D with 52 GB of everything in C).

Partitioning disk if for your convenience.
I agree with tapkep and callandor

The main benefit is to be able to reload your os partition, but if your other partitions mainly contains games or programs and not just documents, pictures and music, you will still have a hazzle getting these things reinstalled.

Many programs need specific dll's loaded into OS's system directory to function properly, but if you keep a updated Ghost backup you can minimize that.
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