Enterprise Manger wont start

I have managed to break my enterprise manager.

The error I get is 'Unhandled exception in mmc.exe: 0xC0000005: Access Violation.

I was thinking of running sfc.exe but don't want to make things worse.

any suggestions?


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Hi pastill,

Run up mmc with no snap-ins, then add the sql snap, if this works save it and delete your existing one.

Steps for the above:
1. start, run  - mmc
2. select file, add/remove snap-in, sellect add
3. scroll down to "Microsoft SQL Enterpsie Manager", select it and click add
4. click close, then okay, the EM snap-in should now hopefully work
5. to save this click file save-as and chose your location.

The location of the pre-consigured msc file is usually: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\80\Tools\BINN\SQL Server Enterprise Manager.MSC" you could just overwrite this when you save
Maybe you should reinstall the SQL Server tools, but before you do check if it's a problem with MMC or just the Enterprise Manager.  Open another MMC snippet like Internet Information Services or Local Security Policity (in administrative tools).  0xC0000005 is a nasty error generally due to file corruption.  Make sure to run an anti-virus scan before you do anything else.
pastillAuthor Commented:
I can run IIS and Local Security Policy.
Is your PC also the SQL Server?  If not, just uninstall and re-install SQL Server Tools.
pastillAuthor Commented:
Nice one mcmonap. Worked perfectly.

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