Exchange 2003 not taking new mailboxes


I just noticed this today.  (i'm using exchange 2003 sp1 on a 2003 network)

When i created a new user in AD and tell it to create an exchange box for the log in, it goes through the steps however it does not create the box.  The account is given the exchange tabs in the property menu however, it does not add the default email addresses.  The permissions area is blank except for self.  its as if it isnt setting the box up.  Also, the outlook clients cannot send mail to it or log onto the box.  this was working last week and I'm not sure when it broke.  Cant think of a reason to either.

Also, can anyone tell me the IIS Settings (permission wise) for 2003 OWA.  I'm trying to setup HTTPS.


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No this is not correct. The RUS should be set on the local box to run always or to a schedule which suits you.

Change the option from run never to run always and it will solve your problem. Here is a detailed tutorial on the RUS.
you have soemthing preveint RUS (recipient update service ) from stampping email addresses to newly created mailboxes.

check out your RUS,
enable Diagonistic Loggin on the server , which will give you agood indication on what is going on.

LogicusaAuthor Commented:
RUS Is set to "run always" for the domain and "run never" for the local box.  Is this correct?
LogicusaAuthor Commented:
That got it... thanks!
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