RichTextBox not trusted in VBA?!


I am trying to insert a RichTextBox control in a Word VBA form. The instant I specify the control location, I get the following warning:

"Microsoft Visual Basic
The subject is not trusted for the specified action"

As a result, the control is not added to my form. Interestingly enough, the same control can be added successfully in VB6. How come only VBA doesn't like the RichTextBox? Is there a security setting that I can change on my machine?

FYI the control is v. 6.0, SP4 and I am running Word 2003, SP1, on XP Professional, SP1.

Thanks in advance.


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valboyAuthor Commented:
Thank you, hes, the following solved my problem:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{3B7C8860-D78F-101B-B9B5-04021C009402}

Change the value for Compatibility Flags from 400 to 0.

The only problem is that my interface is supposed to work on 30 client machines and obviously I can't mess with their security settings... Anyway, I am closing the thread. Cheers!
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