Select -> Modify -> Smooth and filling any color resulting in jaggy edges.


Any solution for Select -> Modify -> Smooth and filling any color resulting in jaggy edges? I want the edges to remain straight.

Thanks, Nauman.
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You might be better off converting your selection to a path and filling that (Use a Fill Layer), then rasterizing it.

It all depends on the resolution you're working at, and the quality of the original image.  If you're working on a 72dpi jpg file, your color selections are going to be choppy anyway.  Try using at least 150dpi for editing (I prefer 300), and when you're finished, convert it down to 72 for web.
What type of image, text, etc. can you explain a little more also what Version of PS.

 I have many answers for you but I need some more details to know which way to go with them.
A V GeorgeAdditional General Manager (Communications and Public Relations), BHELCommented:
- One simple method to get better edge definition is to draw your shape at least double the size your require and then to reduce it to your target size after the fill.
- Of course, as already pointed out by ERNesbitt starting out with a higher resolution also helps.
If you feel comfortable creating a path with the pen tool. I would suggest creating a path out of the original selection and then drawing a smooth path over the original path on another layer. I'm assuming you have optimized your settings to create the original selection. Also at the end of the day once the piece is produced, how visually jagged is it. Working at a higher resolution helps but we all know the downside of that.
nauman_ahmedAuthor Commented:
I have found the solution from the web regarding how to have smoth paths using photoshop.
Thanks for your help :)

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