DOS/Windows file names different

Setup: Samba server on Fedore 2
All file names conform to 8.3 DOS naming standard. If the file name is alpha numeric characters like filename.dat then the Windows (Explorer) file name is the same.
However if the file name has another character like #, ? ' then the file names are different except for the very first character which is the same. Examples: APTERM'D.dat comes up as AE53JF~P.dat  and AR#LABEL.dat comes up as ACFSI4~J.dat

This mangling does not follow the Samba mangling rules. The characters # and ' in the above examples seem to confuse Samba. Is there any way to force Samba to ignore these?
Alex AngusDirectorAsked:
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wesly_chenConnect With a Mentor Commented:

   How about set "mangled names= no" in smb.conf? Unless you have DOS or Windows 3.1 clinet.
Windows 95 or above support filename up to 256 characters.

Alex AngusDirectorAuthor Commented:
Have long files but have moved them to another directory.
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