Windows 2000 and Registry Size

What is the rule for changing the Registry Size?  What about page file size?  Is there a number that I should not go larger than?  I have 128 ram?
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reg file size should be system configured.
If your going to manuallly manage the page file set it to 1 1/2 times that of physical memory.
If you have a gig of ram, then set you page file to 1.5 gig.
Win 2000 does a great job of managing this on it's own. Unless you need to, I wouldn't switch to manual config.
Hope it helps

Do you have a problem with the size of your registry ie are you getting any warnings or errors?
Understanding and Configuring Registry Size Limit (RSL);EN-US;124594
Comparison of 32-Bit and 64-Bit Memory Architecture - Includes descriptions of memory;EN-US;q294418

It's possible to change the size of the registry as detailed above by changing the percentage of paged pool used. Firstly only change it if you really need to, secondly always edit the registry with absolute care as it can render your pc useless and in need of a rebuild if you edit it wrongly - export the relevant keys before you change any so you can import them back in if necessary,

Deb :))


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Windows 2000

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