Multiple Mailboxes in OWA

This is really a 2 part question..

Outlook 2003 user opens multiple mailboxes.  A secretary, for example.  In outlook 2003 it works wonderfully.

First Question - Shouldn't it show the same in Outlook Web Access?

Second Question - How do I show multiple mailboxes under the same login in OWA.

Thanks in Advance.

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JohnPattisonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If the person has permissions to access another mailbox in Outlook, then they just need to log into OWA as per normal, then in the URL, append the mailbox of the 2nd user and it should show that mailbox instead - ie. http://server/exchange/<mailboxname>     (the mailbox name is omitted for their default mailbox).

Unfortunately, you can't have both showing at the same time - although you could have to browser windows open with a mailbox in each.


First question, No.

second question, you can't

remember, being able to manage (and view) multiple mailboxes happen to be a feature of Outlook 2003. Outlook 2003 has nothing to do with OWA. OWA was developed as an easy way for ppl to access THEIR mail, whether it be away from the office, or from any location where is was not convenient or necesare to take the time to set up a full blown mail client.

also, owa allows a person to view the mailbox that is assigned to the username the login with when prompted for credentials. if they want to view another mailbox, they are going to have to log in with those credentials.

Darryl AllenCommented:
JohnPattison claims:

"you could have to browser windows open with a mailbox in each."

I haven't found that to be true.  I'm trying to log into two different accounts using OWA simultaniously.  When I go to log into the second account, somehow both accounts get logged out.

Is there a way to fix this?  I have a need for my employees to log into and monitor multiple accounts at the same time using OWA.

I can accomplish this with Outlook by using the "ExtraOutlook" hack, but I don't have an answer for OWA.
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