installing in fedora core 2

hi everyone
i'm total newbee for linux actually. but i have a quite good backgroud win.. anyway my question.. i want to install a messenger.. i've tried to install licq without any success. yahoo messenger is working fine right now.. i've found something called kopete 0.9 .. which is some kind a all in one ??? i guess. anyway can someone please simply direct me about how to install it ..
file name is

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   kopete is for KDE (not Gnome), so you need to have the following packages installed first:
qt, kde (version 3.2. or above), libxml, libxml2, and libxslt, kernel-source.

Use "rpm -qa |grep <package name, such "qt, kde"> " to check if the packages are installed or not.
And use "/use/bin/redhat-config-packages" to install them if necessary.

   After all the required packages are installed, then do the following ad root (check INSTALL file):
# tar zxf kopete-0.9.0.tar.gz
# cd kopete-0.9.0
# ./configure
# make
# make install

   For more details and FAQs, please check


Hi cempasha,
It looks like what you have is the source code and you will need to decompress it with the 'gunzip' utility and then extract the files using 'tar'. Then you will need to follow the instructions to compile and install it.

I would suggest looking to see if there is a .RPM version available as it will be a lot easier for you to install.
Alternatively, you could try Gaim, another good all-in-one messenger and a bit further along in development than kopete.  If you use Gnome for your desktop environment, then gaim is probably the better choice as it doesn't require KDE to run (though it runs fine in KDE too).

Ready-to-run binaries are available too, no compiling needed:
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   As jdfox mentiones, gaim is another alternative. Also, it comes with Fedora. You can just install it from Fedora CDs.

Personally, when I used Fedorac Core 2, I installed Yum from rpm, then used Yum to install apt-rpm (or whatever it's called, yum find's the package and installs it for you). Then when you've got apt you can use Synaptic which is a great GUI front end.

This page -> has some useful detail on package management.

To get you started, you should open a command line (eg in KDE use alt-f4 and type "konsole" as the program to run). Type "man rpm" and you should get some useful info on how to use rpm. If you do use synaptic, you'll find it very easy once you've got it going.


cempashaAuthor Commented:
Thanks to everyone who tried to help me.. Since i dont know much my way around, i understood that i made huge mistakes.. i've even tried to compile without a compiler etc... i made a better installation from the beginning right now and eveything seems to fine.. but i found your comments very useful thanks once again
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