Mask Inversion???

Is there a way to easily invert a flash mask???  Trying to think of a more descriptive way to explain, but it is pretty simple...I guess.
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Normally what is beneath the mask-shape is revealed. You want what is masked to be hidden, right?

Not so easy. Fastest way would be to create an inverted shape youreself. Say your mask is a circle. Then you want to create a square accross the whole screen and cutout a circle.

If the background is for example an even colour, like black, the instead of masking the circle you make the circle black also.

With actionscript!?!? No sorry, no solution there as far as I know.... never seen it.
dutchfoxer is right in that you can't just invert a mask with actionscript

however to expand on his thinking..

if you created two separate movieclips one containing the circle shape and the other containing a shape the size of the stage with the circle cut out .. drop an instance of each on the stage and name them .. say mask1 and mask2

and then on a button the code..


and on another button the code..


you would effectively be inverting the mask as you roll from one button to the other
you would also want to place the mask clips on the top layers so they are above other content
if you want to see your buttons the whole time ..these would need to be on the very top layer to prevent them being masked

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