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Looking for recommendations for GOOD wireless Keyboard / Mouse combination

I will divide the points up between anyone with good recommendations with links if possible.  I want a GOOD wireless keyboard / mouse combination.  Currently have a Logitech, and not impressed with it.  I get better range with a keyboard with a long cord.  Just to make this more difficult, I need a proper 3-button mouse. (Not a 2 button with scroll)  It is being used for a CAD machine, so 3 buttons is definitely preferable.
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Here is a specific CAD wireless keyboard and mouse combo

Here is a long range keyboard.  The integrated touchpad is removable.  100 ft. range.

Here is a great mouse.  I have one, buttons are programmable.,CRID=3,CONTENTID=7982

Hi eccs19,

I've drawed some drawings with ArchiCAD 7.0 with a 2 button mouse with scroll, I didn't have any probleme but it was really difficult for me to draw, because I'm not that good (I still need some practise)!!!!!!!!
Anyway I found some links with good, expensive but good quality and cheap but also good wireless Keyboard / Mouse

Wireless Combo: Keyboard & Optical Mouse >>> $29.99:

Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Mouse >>> $25 to $50:

Wireless 104-Key PS/2 Keyboard and 3-Button Optical Mouse >>> $19.99:


WIRELESS KEYBOARD AND MOUSE SET TK2702 >>> $49.99 to $69.99:

I use a Gyration keboard and mouse, but the mouse doesn't have a third button; just a scroll wheel.  It has a very nice feel, and it can be used without a surface - you can wave it in the air.  I picked mine up at Staples for $100.
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eccs19Author Commented:
Thanks for the links so far.  The CAD system that I'm going to be using it in is Catia V5.  I'm currently using Catia V4, and using a standard 3 button. I have tried using a 2 button with a scroll, but didn't like it, and using Catia with a 2 button just doesn't work well.  I'm also hesitant about those $20-$50 wireless kits, as I don't want to run into what I currently have with range.  So far I like the 2nd one that wordartist recommended, just because you can just plug a PS/2 mouse into the wireless keyboard.  It's a shame it's crazy money.  Have to see what's left in the budget. <g>
I found a list of different products on this site:

I think Ulead has some nice products

Good luck
I have included a link to It is where I purchase ALL of my computer hardware. You can basically search, filtering manufacturer, color, connection type, mouse combo, wireless, etc.

I have done the same for the mouse section.

They always have great prices and very low shipping costs. Many items have free shipping. Happy Hunting!

P.S. if you go wireless, make sure you get a mouse with a rechargeble bay, or rechargeble batteries. Changing out AA batteries all the time becomes expensive.
I won't suggest any products, but note that battery life will usually be determined by the wireless protocol implemented in the devices.
From worst to Best:
1) Proprietary protocol.
2) Bluetooth.
3) Zigbee (this protocol is still in development but it designed for very long life applications epect to see it appear in devices in the near future)
eccs19Author Commented:
I have been doing more research, and I think I am going to go with the Microsoft Bluetooth Keyboard / Mouse combo.  It seems like most of the basic wireless ones only have a range of 6 feet, and that defeats the purpose.  The Bluetooth one seems to be good for about 35 feet.  That would be perfect for what I need, and it's not totally crazy money.  I will leave this open for a bit more to see if anyone has any bad luck with my choice, and will close and divide points up as promised.

Thanks all.
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