Problems installing Visual Studio 6.0 on XP with .Net on it

I got a new computer and I've got .net framework and visual studio .net 2003 and lots of other stuff on it.  I can't get Visual studio 6.0 to load and I need it to tweek and older vb program.  During install I get 7 errors that say "<filename.dll> could not register itself...."  After those it says that the install failed.  I've read up on this what I could find and tried a lot of the solutions others offered, to no avail.  Any ideas?
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AllpaxConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do you have Crystal Reports installed on your system?
or Norton?
mackanenzieblAuthor Commented:
I know Crystal can be installed with visual studio 2003, but I'm sure I unchecked the box when I installed.  However, I uninstalled vs2003, installed vb6, and reinstalled vs2003.  It said the vb6 install didn't complete correctly but it's there and working.  Strange, if you ask me.
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