Database Programming For Oracle or Use Oracle Form Designer?

Hi everyone:

To develope a form(Oracle designer2000) or application(by delphi) for Database ? what's the best approach?

Lots of small database to be migrated to Oracle.  For these databases, there are around 3-10 Tables.

Thank you.
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Mohammed NasmanConnect With a Mentor Software DeveloperCommented:
In addition to meikl comments

You can have much better interface with delphi, using the built in components that ship with delphi or with more advanced one from third party companies

aslo Delphi offers you more technologies to use, if you would add internet, network, webservices, multimedia and any other type of software you can do that easily with Delphi

also Delphi can use many type of database easily

on the other side, I haven't used designer, but worked with FormBuilder/ReportBuilder to develop for oracle DB
it's more easier to build using Oracle developers tools, but you will have more limitaion

Designer as I heard make the things more easier, but you still have the same limiation

and one of the big limiations is the delpoying, you have to install form/report run time to be able to run the oracle forms and reports

with Delphi you can Deploy only the .Exe file and will work without require any other files(depend of the database components that you will use)

I haven't used Oracle Froms since three years, but still all most of my application developing using Delphi and Oracle database


more flexible

inbuild database handling
designer right adjusted -> autogenerate capability

meikl ;-)
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