In C/Motif, how can I control button spaces/sizes in a custom dialog?

Posted on 2004-11-01
Last Modified: 2012-06-27
I've created a custom dialog so that I can include two buttons (yes/no) as well as a toggle box which allows the user to specify not to popup the dialog and instead select yes as the answer every time.  My problem is 1) there's a lot of space between each button causing the overall dialog to be large, and 2) part of the text for the toggleButton is obscured.  What arguments can correct this?

void restart_message (char *question)
  Widget dialog,form,label,pane,yes_button,no_button,always_restart_check;

  if (debug) printf ("Start of restart_message\n");

  dialog = XtVaCreatePopupShell ("Restart",
                         xmDialogShellWidgetClass, GetTopShell (main_window),
                         XmNdeleteResponse, XmDESTROY,
  pane = XtVaCreateWidget ("restart_pane", xmPanedWindowWidgetClass, dialog,
                     XmNsashWidth,  1,
                     XmNsashHeight, 1,
  form = XtVaCreateWidget ("restart_form", xmFormWidgetClass, pane, NULL);
  label = XtVaCreateManagedWidget (question, xmLabelGadgetClass, form,
                           XmNleftAttachment,   XmATTACH_FORM,
                           XmNtopAttachment,    XmATTACH_FORM,
                           XmNrightAttachment, XmATTACH_FORM,
  XtManageChild (form);
  form = XtVaCreateWidget ("action_area", xmFormWidgetClass, pane,
                     XmNwidth,         700,
                     XmNheight,         50,
                     XmNfractionBase,    7,
  yes_button = XtVaCreateManagedWidget ("Yes",
                              xmPushButtonGadgetClass, form,
                              XmNtopAttachment,        XmATTACH_FORM,
                              XmNbottomAttachment,     XmATTACH_FORM,
                              XmNleftAttachment,       XmATTACH_POSITION,
                              XmNleftPosition,         1,
                              XmNrightAttachment,      XmATTACH_POSITION,
                              XmNrightPosition,        2,
                              XmNshowAsDefault,        True,
                              XmNdefaultButtonShadowThickness, 1,
  XtAddCallback (yes_button, XmNactivateCallback, restart_cb, dialog);
  no_button = XtVaCreateManagedWidget ("No",
                               xmPushButtonGadgetClass, form,
                               XmNtopAttachment,        XmATTACH_FORM,
                               XmNbottomAttachment,     XmATTACH_FORM,
                               XmNleftAttachment,       XmATTACH_POSITION,
                               XmNleftPosition,         3,
                               XmNrightAttachment,      XmATTACH_POSITION,
                               XmNrightPosition,        4,
                               XmNshowAsDefault,        False,
                               XmNdefaultButtonShadowThickness, 1,
  XtAddCallback (no_button, XmNactivateCallback, no_restart_cb, dialog);
  always_restart_check = XtVaCreateManagedWidget ("Don't ask, always\nrestart after make",
                                      xmToggleButtonGadgetClass, form,
                                      XmNtopAttachment,        XmATTACH_FORM,
                                      XmNbottomAttachment,     XmATTACH_FORM,
                                      XmNleftAttachment,       XmATTACH_POSITION,
                                      XmNleftPosition,         5,
                                      XmNrightAttachment,      XmATTACH_POSITION,
                                      XmNrightPosition,        6,
                                      XmNshowAsDefault,        False,
                                      XmNdefaultButtonShadowThickness, 1,
  XtAddCallback (always_restart_check,XmNvalueChangedCallback, always_restart_cb, dialog);
  XtManageChild (form);
  XtManageChild (pane);
  XtPopup (dialog, XtGrabNone);
Question by:jimdgar
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    Accepted Solution

    I have found that typically using a form in Motif for things that you desire to be constant in size is generally a bad idea.

    My suggestion would be to place a bulletin-board in the second portion of the frame and lay out the buttons exactly as you want them.

    However, to be completely honest you may be better off tayloring a message box widget because it'll handle the button layout itself and should allow you to add a toggle button to it.  It also aids in enforcing the Motif style guidelines on your application.
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    Assisted Solution

    Try using PushButtonWidgets instead of PushButtonGadgets.  It adds extra windows and increases the size of the program marginally but that may be all you need to get the exact sizes.

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