cannot move gdesklets on xfce4 desktop

I really love gdesklets, but I absolutely cannot get them to move correctly on my xfce4 desktop.  I am using the middle mouse button, and I am usually able to move each gdesklet to several places around the screen.  But the gdesklets keep snapping to different parts of the screen (not necessarily to the edges or to other windows, either).  I really want to be able to move each gdesklet exactly where I want it on the desktop.

I've checked all of the xfce4 configuration files that I can think of, and I'm just not finding anything obvious.

When I load the gdesklets using the Gnome desktop, I have no problems!  But I really, really want to use xfce4 instead of Gnome, so that's not an option.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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   gdesklets (Gnome Desklets) is developed based on Gnome desktop. If you want something similar to gdesklets for Xfce4 desktop,
you might want to check the following URL:

   I hope this help.

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