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     I have a computer that has been used for about two years now. Just a couple of weeks ago, I went to turn it on and found that there is no video output to the monitor. I have since then replaced the video card twice, once with an agp slot video card and once with a pci slot video card. I get power to the motherboard (all fans are on including cpu fan) but nothing out to the video. There are no error beeps from the bios and I can hear the floppy test, hard drives and all. At this point I have also replaced the cpu and ram just to be safe. At this point, I suspect that the motherboard is no good. I just dont want to jump to any conclusions, speaking that this particular motherboard is hard to find. It is a Soyo SY-7VCA 2. If anyone can help, I would appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows where I can find this model board let me know. Finally, is it possible to upgrade mobo and cpu without having to reboot with windows XP?

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LucFEMEA Server EngineerCommented:
Hi maskedarab,

>>At this point, I suspect that the motherboard is no good.
Either that or the PSU... but as all fans are running smoothly the motherboard is the most likely. To see if the PSU is an option try stripping down your system to the bare minimum to drawn as less power as possible. Disconnect everything except the videocard. See if it'll boot then (yeah, it'll fail on the OS :) )

If that doesn't work, you're most likely looking at a faulty motherboard.

>>Finally, is it possible to upgrade mobo and cpu without having to reboot with windows XP?
A repair installation will do fine, you'll have to reactivate winXP though.

How Do I Do a "Repair Installation"? 

How to Perform an In-Place Upgrade (Reinstallation) of Windows XP



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First try a visual inspection of motherboard.  Check capacitors to see if any are bulging or leaking electrolyte.  Your mobo was probably manufactured with faulty capacitors and this is about right time frame for failure to occur.  If any caps are deformed or leaking, mobo is toast.

Soyo sells refurbished motherboards on their website.  Check periodically since inventory changes.  Link is:

I'm not familiar with your mobo.  Can tell it's socket 370 by model number.  Probably about time for an upgrade anyway.


I'd try unplugging everything from the motherboard. Try the drives first then the cards. I've had faulty hardware prevent systems from lighting the monitor. Make sure CPU, ram and video card are seated correctly. I'd also try another PSU.

good luck!

maskedarabAuthor Commented:
yeah, I have tried all of that already, found nothing. I suspected a motherboard from the begining but did not want to lose any information off of the hard drive by replacement of the mobo. Thanks, I will let you know once I get the mobo replaced.
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