Compaq SR1020 NX Disabling onboard video

O.K. hecklers,

I have big shoulders so I'll weather the crap for getting a system with onboard video to begin with (I assumed it had an AGP, actually).  The system is my son's and he plays a lot of games, and the onboard just doesn't hang well with the newer games.

I tried installing an ATI 9100 PCI card but cannot get the system to recognize it.  I am not being lazy in my attempt to get help here... I have searched and searched and tried everything I could find that might work.  But when I boot the system with the PCI card installed, there is no response from the computer (nothing shows up on the screen, it just hangs there).  I uninstalled any prior install attempts, disabled onboard video in device manager and checked the PCI slot in the BIOS setup.  Maybe a bad card?

Should I just take the darn thing to a shop and pay the money to have them do it?  I bought the computer at Best Buy and they of course tried to sell me a video card when I bought it.  Should've have listened to the tech, but I have installed cards before and thought it would be a simple task.  Ha!

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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A few tips/suggestions.

Install PCI video card in PCI slot 1.  This is usually, but not always, slot closest to CPU.

Remove any other PCI cards to preclude IRQ conflicts.

Disable on board sound and USB.

Check BIOS for video priority and select PCI first instead of AGP, if option is available.

If still no luck, borrow an old PCI card from a buddy, if possible, to check for bad card.  Cards are tested by the manufacturer prior to shipping, but electronics can and do fail.

Happy troubleshooting



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bobkansasAuthor Commented:
Thanks Dalton,

I will give some of these a try.  Why disable the onboard sound and USB?  Could I then enable them after a successful install of the card?

Reread response.  To avoid potential conflicts.  Yes, you can re-enable unless one causes a problem.  Hopefully plug n' pray will do its job.

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