configure the router

Hi, an easy question,

the IPVPN solution would like me to look into current Cisco 1700 router to run 'show run' and 'show ver'...

I find two ports in the router: console and AUX.

I want to configure it from my laptop(win XP with NIC and modem), so how could I do:

1. what kind cable I could use?
2. what program I need use?

Thanks a lot! I am a new guy in the router...
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lrmooreConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you have the light-blue cable that came with the router and the RJ45-DB9 serial adapter - connect the adapter to the COM1 port of your laptop, plug the RJ45 end into the Console port, and open Hyperterminal, direct to COM1, set for 9600, 8, no parity, 1 stop bit, no flow control.
Hit enter a couple of times and you should see:
Kust in cae you don't have the cable lrmoore speaks of is called a ROLLOVER.  Thats mean one eand has pins 1-8 in order and the other end is 8-1. So when you llok at both ends the appears as oppisites of each other.
Once in the router you will need to type
enable at the user prompt
>enable  this will put you in the exec mode. which looks like

Have fun.
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