Tab Index Issues

I created a tab index by simply stating at each input field in my form tabindex="xx"

After I did this, the formatting on my form is ALL messed up.  Did I do something wrong when creating the index?  Is there an easy way to get my formatting back without having to completely redesign?
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Can you post a link to your page? or maybe explain your form a bit better. How is it messed up? Is it a very elaborated form... maybe fireworks stuff?

Best regards,

johnson00Author Commented:
Well, that's what's strange about it.  This form is your basic application form.  Demographic and job information, etc.  Nothing really complicated.  When I added the tab index, it appears as though, in design view, that there are actually two copies of my form on the page.  When viewing the code though, there is actually only one form on the page.  When trying to replace table formatting that was lost, the table column labels appear in the bottom, or second, copy of the form, while the actual form fields appear in the top portion of the form.  It's as though I have to to go two separate locations to edit different portions of tables.  It was not like this before adding the tab index.  Does it actually create an index at the bottom of the document?  I had a lot of tables within tables to get the form to lay out correctly, and a lot of those tables that were nested two or three deep were lost when adding the index.

Does that make sense?
Just currious, what was the purpose of adding the tabindex and was the form working correctly before hand?

Can you paste the code here and let me get my latex gloves and magnifying glass to get a closer peek?

Thanks and Good Luck!
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johnson00Author Commented:
Latex gloves, huh?  Haven't heard that one before in regard to coding!

I had one section of the form where the tab order needed to be different.  After working with this tab index, I think it would have been much easier to just move the items around in my code, since that's the default order.  

I've never seen anything so bizarre.  Even when I tried to rebuild the intial tables I had before adding the tab index, any time I made a change to the actual code, such as adding color to an HR, all table formatting I had just re-created and saved was gone again!  But once I undid the change to the code, the formatting came back.

I even tried removing all of the tabindex tags and still had issues with formatting after they were gone.  Most of the tabindex="xx" showed up in my code with a squiggly red line under them.  I'm assuming this means they were seen as errors??  

I've trashed the form and completely rebuilt it.  I have to demo its functionality tomorrow afternoon.  

The code wasn't anything fantastic or out of the ordinary.  I think I'll just chalk this one up as lesson learned and remember to code in tab order so I don't have to mess with a tab index.

Thank you for your willingness to help me out with your "latex gloves"!

johnson00Author Commented:
Oh, by the way, mrwebdev, you've earned the points for simply making me laugh.  I sure DID need that today.  Thanks!
Wooo Hoooooooo

I got points... thx a bunch!

Good luck let us know if we can assist you in any way!
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