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I have a Fiery XJ priner server for a Sharp color copier/printer. It is not on a "workstation" and the instructions that came with it are not very good. (My boss keeps finding these "deals" on Ebay and thinks I work miracles when I am self-taught in most of my very limited IT knowledge. ARGH!) Anyway, I've figured out how to set up the network protocol through the interface built into the box, but it fails to appear on the network and it had network connectivity. I cannot assign it to a workgroup. Has anyone every worked with one of these before? This is a Windows P2P network of mostly Win2K machines.  If further details are needed I can supply them to the best of my knowledge.
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The best way to connect it is by giving the Fiery an IP address compatible with the rest of your network. Then, on the PC, create a Standard TCP/IP Port (under the Ports tab in driver Properties). After creating the port, click on Configure Port and set the protocol to LPR instead of Raw. For the remote queue name, use "print_r" (without the quotes - at least I think that's the correct name for a Sharp printer.
kkpsiguyAuthor Commented:
Except for the remote queue name being "print" without the the "_r" that worked great! Thanks so much!
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