MSVC Express Edition with Xalan/Xerces - linking .lib input files

Im trying to build a project using the new MSVC Expreess Edition ( and I'm trying to integrate the Xalan-C and Xerces-C libraries from Apache ( ,
Im having trouble linking the .lib files to my project, but I'm getting 40 unresolved externals which tells me the .lib files arent linking correctly.
I've tried adding the path to the .lib files  under Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > Linker > Input Additional Dependencies.
Doing this has not resolved the external dependency issues.
Can someone tell me whether this is the correct procedure for linking .libs?
Also, is it possible that the xerces and xalan libraries (built under MSVC 6 i presume) won't be compatible with MSVC .Net Express?
Thanks for any help.
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Could you provide some details like some of the specific unresolved symbol names and maybe some of your code?  Did you get xerces 2.5.0 rather than the 2.6.0?  Xalan uses the 2.5 version of xerces.  I was able to successfully build and run a bunch of the sample Xalan code that comes in the binary distribution.  I had no trouble using VC++ .NET Express 2005.  I put the path to the cerces and xalan library files in Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > Linker > General : Additional Library Directories and then put the lib file names in Project > Properties > Configuration Properties > Linker > Input : Additional Dependencies.

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I should also ask what type of project you are using - is it a Win32 project (unmanaged code) or a .NET project (managed code)?  I started with empty Win32 projects and used the sample source files.
blackfrancis75Author Commented:
Yes, I started with an empty Win32 project - I've been off this project for a bit so Ill dig it up and have a look.
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