Does a Demo to be shown to potential employers have to be made from scratch?

Thanks for your feedback. In other words, is it bad to use an existing game engine (and use prefabbed artwork and sound) and build on top of it to present to a potential employer? I am leaning more towards the softer side of the business along the production route but wondered if a demo like this would help or hurt my chances. Thanks.
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bcladdConnect With a Mentor Commented:

That is to say, if you are looking at design rather than coding, designing a mod is better than failing to finish something you start from scratch. If you have an idea what employers you will be looking at and you can use the same tech they use, that would be good but any mod would be better than nothing. If you're looking at producer/designer, make sure you document your ideas for the mod, what alternatives you considered for various gameplay conditions and what you left tweakable. Using an existing game and modifying it to make it do something new and different (say BattleChess in Doom3 or UT2KX) permits you to focus on what you think you are selling to the employer (making the thing fun to play, for example).

Hope this helps, -bcl
frogpadAuthor Commented:
Thanks that is wonderful advice. Any more ideas would be helpful, I'll leave this open a few more days. Thanks so much.
davebytesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'd agree - it depends upon the employer, and the position you are applying for.  If it shows off what you want to do, and what a company would want you to do, you certainly don't have to create an engine or game from scratch.  And so many companies have engine developers, or use middleware, that they're looking for bright minds more than anything else.

But, it depends upon the job.  If you are looking less programming, more design/production, than the production elements (layout, gameplay, etc.) should be your focus.  If you are looking more programming, than better to work on a non-interactive 'flashy demo' to show off your prowess in a particular area.

frogpadAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much for your feedback. It's certainly help me reprioritize by goals. Take good care.
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