I need the user to be able to add information in a form using classes in vb.net

I need a user to be able to add first name, last name,  address, city, state, and zip from a form.  In my program I have a person file that has a constructor with all of the following info.

In class how do I go about this?
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PreachDotNetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Public Class clsUser
   Private mName
   Private mSurname
   Private mAddress

  Public Function Create (Optional inName as string = "", Optional inSurname as string = "", Optional inAddress as string = "") as Boolean
  mName = inName
  mSurname = inSurname
  mAddress = inAddress
  return true
End Function
End Class

in your form

Public Function Submit_Button_Click
  Dim mUser as new clsUser
 Dim mResponse as boolean =  mUser.Create txtName.Text, txtSurname.Text, txtAddress.Text
if mResponse then
  msgbox "Success"
  msgBox "Fail"
End if
end function
?? Could not get your Query

You need to have a Form with these fields and User will add Record
When he clicks save the data is to be passed to a class which will save it

Is this what you want??
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