issue of oracle9iAS with java


I have some issue regarding the deployment of my
application on Oracle9iAS .
This application either conflict due to the operating
system as we have Window 2003 as OS and JDK 1.4.3 as
toolkit ad J2EE 1.3 as my enterprise jave edition ,
we had tried with the Oracle 9iAS as the application
server and Oracle9i as the database ,as we followed
all the 13 steps send by the Oracle (Who has send us
the original licence copy for the Oracle 9iAS )and we
are successfully start the services with Buisness
intelligence during the installation of 9iAS but
finally we are not able to deploy ,it doesn't open the
home page with  the port no. 7778.I would like to work
me for the following queries:

1) Does the OS 2003 is compatible with the Oracle9iAS
2)Are we able to work on the report with the Oracle
9iAS which are being developed with Oracle6C ?
3)Is Jdk 1.4.2 is Ok with the J2EE 1.3 and Oracle 9iAS
with OS 2003?

As the Oracle has send us the small file as 'Mywar' to
test for deploy but we are not only failed with our
application but with that file too.Now they says that
we can help you with the Window 2000 that we hae not
tried till as per the client requirement so we are not
working on this problem till last week but not reach
upto end..
Finally we have no any issue to deploy our application
with JBOSS that is what be are using here as temporary
server and i am sure we are also able to make it with
Tomcat/Apache also...

Thanks in advance
Anyhelp from you really appriciable from my part..

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1- Win 2003 OS is not certified for Oracle9iAS, please return to 2000
2- When u install Oracle9iAS Enterprise edition or Standard or Java Edition it installs its own certified JDK and Java 1.4.2 is not certified with Oracle9ias

My personal advice to you if u don't need Oracle Portal or Wirless or business Intellegence Staff, please stick to install Oracle9iAS Java Edition or better Oracle 10g AS Java Edition is J2EE 1.3 certified

Also the simplist way is just to Download OC4J 9.0.4 and just unzip, it is very simple and most enjoyable and very easy to go, also I Tried OC4J 9.0.4 with JDK 1.4.2 it is ok, and will work on Win2003

good luck
Hey buddy
Try installing and working with jdk1.3 rather than jdk1.4. I guess there are some compatibility issues, else you can always contaact the oracle guys on their metalink.


And well as petmadgy said switch to win2000.

all the best
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