Switch as a repeater

Hi all,
I recently pulled a cat6 cablr between two gigabit switches.
The length of the cable is around 300 feet and the signal seems weak.
I was thinking of just getting a 5 port gigabit switch for the middle of the cable.
Will a switch act as a repeater?

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Yes you can put another switch inbetween to boost the signal. A repeater just does a normal analogue amplify of the signal while a switch decodes the data and retransmits it so is much better.

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Agree with my good friend grblades, you can certainly add a switch in the middle to get better connection- but you should not have to.
When you say the "signal seems weak" can you be more specific? Do you get link at both ends? Can you pass traffic? The standards for Gigabit over CAT5 is 100Meters, so you should be well within the specs if you follow the TIA/EIA 568 standards for horizontal cabling, paying great attention to where/how you cross power lines, light fixtures, etc.
A switch will add a little latency, which a true repater would not.  That may or may not be an issue for you.

Does your cable pass all Cat6 tests now that it's in place?  My experience is that Cat5/6 is not quite so tough as people assume, and can be stressed by the pulling process.

And lrmoore is corred -- being unshielded, it can be subject to interference and cross-talk, etc.  My impression is that Gigabit over copper is a little finicky; we use fiber for any runs over about 20 feet.

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