I need to migrate a web site from other web hosting company to our web server, there is no information I can retrieve from the previous hosing company. I have a problem for using Server.CreateObject("HHFileUp.Upload") to upload file from the client side browser to the web server. Does anyone know where I can obtain the HHFileUP.Upload object? I google it and didn't receive any information. Please let me know if anyone used this object before.


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saic_gcoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's most likely a custom DLL that the hosting company created (or wrapper for another one).  What are your web pages written in (asp,, other)?  ASP.NET has built in functionallity to handle this.  If your using ASP, I've written a COM component you can use that has the ability for multiple files.  If that's the case, just email me at  You can also search for other free and non-free components to use.
danielwpcAuthor Commented:
Hi Saic,

Thanks for offer. It is written in asp and I don't want to change the code at this stage if I don't have to. I guest it is a custom one as well and just see if anyone have the object which can be shared with me. I will send you an email if I need the com file later. Thanks.
Daniel, I am dong exactly the same thing with the same component, HHFileUp. There should be a DLL in the system32 folder HHFileUp.dll which I'm guessing is what we need. I'll be testing in a few days, how did you go with your server?
danielwpcAuthor Commented:
Hi Yogorilla,

I searched the HDD and couldn't find the file. It is good if you can send me the file and have a goal. I don't think it is a part of the standard Window component. I eventually downloaded a third party component and modified some code to make it work.
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