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Unable to replicate with server - the remote server is not a known tcp/ip host

Hi All

My test setup has progressed somewhat.  Essentials as follows:

dom domain: ketech all on notes/domino 6.5.1
dns domain: mel.ketech.com.au dns running on 2003
main server: citrix1 (1st server installed)
2nd server: servaland (installed as additional server)
3rd sever: P-III-450-w2k3 (installed as additional server)

All three servers show up in the directory and I can connect the admin client to any of them.  I keep getting the above console error.  I can ping citrix1 on either server and it resolves so I guess it's not DNS its a domino config thing.

I have created server connection documents in both directions between citrix1 and servaland.

The other interesting thing is when I go into Administration - refresh serverlist - I get:
'Unable to retrieve a list of servers from citrix1/ketech.com in domain ketech'

'Connection denied. The server you connected to has a different name from the one requested.'  I went all through the preferences including the reconfig wizard on the admin client couldn't see anything weird.

The web summary page for citrix1 says its name is citrix1/ketech so I guess it must be getting this citrix1/kectech.com out of old settings.  Where do I go to kill it?  Much TIA I'm itching to play with replication.
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Sjef BosmanGroupware ConsultantCommented:
Did you create all servers in the same Notes Domain, i.e. all with /Ketech?
Did you use or fill the fully qualifying Internet name for the servers?
Are you running the servers on separate systems, with separate IP-addresses?
Are there console messages that look like errors?
Did you try, in a Notes client: File/Preferences/User Preferences, Ports, and Trace to the server?
> 'Connection denied. The server you connected to has a different name
> from the one requested.'  
This msg is related to incorrect ip in connection doc.. while DNS has a new ip for the server.. So check to make sure that you are using static ip for the server and there are no duplicate connection docs in the server

Check in notes.ini client:


If nothing..
try to move Cache.NDK and desktop6.ndk from your notesData directory to another temp dir, and start the client again.
Try open local client from Domino folder on citrix server and open dialog "Open Database" and then manually type IP-address (not dns name) of your second server in Server combobox.

Usual Notes has some cache of connection addresses, which somewhat independent from connection documents in address book. This solution can update information in cache, and then may be replication start working :)
ausadminAuthor Commented:
Thanks guys - simple in the end - wrong name wasn't in the connection docs it was in the admin preferences - administration server.  As always I garnered much t/shooting wisdom from the discussion in the process.  Replication is up - now onto my other pesky client.

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