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On a Citrix server I got an application that is running from another server. On the other server the application was upgraded to a newer version, so when the application starts on the terminal server, it tries to upgrade automatically. But it can`t find the old install files which it needs to uninstall the application. I`ve found the old files and tried to point to them, but they`re not accepted.
How can I uninstall this application when the old install files is missing/doesn`t work?
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Normally you can't. You can do a reïnstall of the old program, because all files will be placed back. Then try to do an uninstall.. Normally, these programs look into the register to see if a program has been uninstalled or not. You might be able to delete the key that says the program is stuill installed.. Try searching for the app in the register..

Do make sure to not just delete something in regsitry, it's more of a last resort..
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