Provider not found

import javax.xml.*;       
import javax.xml.namespace.*;       

import java.util.*;

class StaxExample1
      public static void main(String[] args)
                        throws FileNotFoundException, XMLStreamException {
      // Use the reference implementation for the XML input factory
      // Create the XML input factory
      XMLInputFactory factory = XMLInputFactory.newInstance();
      // Create the XML event reader
      FileReader reader = new FileReader(args[0]);
      XMLEventReader r =
      // Loop over XML input stream and process events
      while(r.hasNext()) {
         XMLEvent e = (XMLEvent);
 * Process a single XML event
 * @param e - the event to be processed
  private static void processEvent(XMLEvent e) {
     if (e.isStartElement()) {
        QName qname = ((StartElement) e).getName();
        String namespaceURI = qname.getNamespaceURI();
        String localName = qname.getLocalPart();
        Iterator iter = ((StartElement) e).getAttributes();
        while (iter.hasNext()) {
           Attribute attr = (Attribute);
           QName attributeName = attr.getName();
           String attributeValue = attr.getValue();
     if (e.isEndElement()) {
        QName qname = ((EndElement) e).getName();
     if (e.isCharacters()) {
        String text = ((Characters) e).getData();
     if (e.isStartDocument()) {
        String version = ((StartDocument) e).getVersion();
        String encoding = ((StartDocument) e).getCharacterEncodingScheme();
        boolean isStandAlone = ((StartDocument) e).isStandalone();

Here is an exception
Exception in thread "main" Provider not found
        at StaxExample1.main(

Please help me to resolve this problem

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is this "" in ur Classpath?

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it is a jar called xbean.jar, I found this jar on my hard disk
sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:
thanks I am able to resolve the issue


will you have a glance on this link too

sudhakar_koundinyaAuthor Commented:
I need to have following jars

But I just download wls_stax.jar
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