Notes and Domino installed on the same PC for test purpose.

I installed client and server on the same PC at home.
The Lotus server is set up to be able to open Notes files on the web.
When I start the Internet Explorer I enter in the address field localhost and the file name and I'm able to open the help file and the server's names.nsf.
But I cannot open the mailbox files I created. Why not?

A second question:
I can see the server document as a web page but when I select Configuration=>Server=>Current server document in the Administrator I get an error message.
How to create a server document?

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U need to open names.nsf from Notes client with
And enter details in names.nsf

and in server console, type load http

from browser, :  http://IPaddressofServer/yourDB.nsf

try the above and let us know.
attila01Author Commented:
I will try it in the evening when I get home. ( Now I'm at my workspace )
I will let you know tomorrow if I succeed.
> But I cannot open the mailbox files I created. Why not?
What is the error ?

> I can see the server document as a web page but when I select
> Configuration=>Server=>Current server document in the Administrator I
> get an error message.
What error message ?

localhost is different from viewing on server http .. as Madhi pointed out you have to enable http task on the server. This can be done manually by issuing "Load HTTP" command on the console or automotically when server loads by  adding "http" to line servertasks in notes.ini (use comma to seperate the programs)

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attila01Author Commented:
I will write down the error message and paste them here tomorrow
attila01Author Commented:
Now I had a closer look at the installation I made.
The HTTP Web Server starts automatically, but...
No wonder that I can't open the mailfile on the web because I created it on local and not on the server. Which means http://localhost/mailfile.nsf doesn't exist.
My problem is that I cannot create mailbox on the server. In the administrator I cannot switch from local the server. (Normally there is an icon on the upper left side under the icon "Favorites" (xxx Domain) but this icon I cannot see although I entered a domain name during the installation. )
Is there another method to create mailfile on the server?
I was asked what error message I receive when I click on Current Server Document in the Administrator.
The error message is => Entry not found in index
But you've to remember what I wrote earlier, namely that the administrator shows Local and not the server name because I cannot switch from Local to Server ( no Domain icon)

that means you did not configured Notes to connect to server properly.

Try to unsintall and install Notes .
attila01Author Commented:
All right, I will do what you said and I will tell you tomorrow if OK.
attila01Author Commented:
I reinstalled Notes and now I can create mailfiles on the server, create local replica of it, and I can open and edit the server document.
In the Administrator there is still no icon to change from local to the server. I select File=>Open Server to change it. It's possible that if I had two servers in the domain the icon would appear.
The only thing I miss is that every time I want to select a name from the server's addressbook ( edit server document or create new mail ) I see only the local addressbook, I cannot select the server's addressbook.
In the Location=>Mail tab=>Mail addressing is Local and Server.
I thought that this is the only place to select the server's addressbook.
try to ping your server from PC.

If you did not got response, then it seems there is a problem while connecting.

try to open server applications. Like this:

Ctrl O
Select server from list. if it is not listing, then type the server name or IP address of the server.

U need to get response from the server and open names.nsf
attila01Author Commented:
I think, I explained it in a wrong way.

I can open databases on the server. The names.nsf, too. ( Ctrl O is working )

I open a mailfile on the server and create a new mail. Click Address and the select Address window pops up. In the line, choose address book I cannot find the server address book. (although, I'm on the server)

In the Location=>Mail tab=>Mail addressing is set to "Local and Server". (not only local)

Recipient Name Type ahead: DISABLED
Recipient Name lookup : Exhaustively check all address books

Press F9 after you enter the name in in sendto.

Try the above. And also mixed combo with options.

And once it is upadted in location docs, restart Notes Client.
And check the fields:
Server name, mail domain, and home server.

they should hold corrct values.
Check this below link:

gp through each discussion in that link.

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