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Hi Experts,

I use a component from an external company in my app. This company want me to track the software activity (the software that my users use) each month.
So, I need a secure service to track my softwares on the web.
I have created a table in my database which will assign an id to each software installed on a computer.
During the first load of my app, the software sets its new id in the database. Then I need to keep the software id on the user computer (in a file).
Here is my problem:
How to keep this value secure ?
If the id is corrupted, I can create a new one. But if the file is changed and the hacker uses an id that already exists, my stats are corrupted.

Finally, what is the best way to be sure my software uses the right id each connection and also my software is not installed with the same id on different computers (hacking problem).

Hope someone could help me.
Thanks in advance for your answers.
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Floris Briolas
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