route-map match ip address

This is just something I'm trying to understand.

I know that in a route-map, if I use a match statement that uses and access-list, the source/destination of the packet is easily checked against the access-list, such as:

match ip address 10

where 10 is an access-list and since it's a standard access-list it's examining the source address of the packet.

But what about his:

match ip address

Is this looking for a match on the SOURCE address of the packet or the DESTINATION address of the packet?

And how do we know?

I can't find this documented in Cisco.

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If you wanted to direct routing based on the destination address of a packet, you could just put in a static route.  Policy-Based Routing is for cases where that's not sufficient, such as where you want to treat different sources differently.  So I'd say that if that syntax works at all (the access-list form is the usual approach), it should match the source address.

Here's a link to Cisco on Configuring PBR (Policy-Based Routing)  Should be able to provide you with direction.  If not, let me know.
gateguardAuthor Commented:
PennGwyn, I've only seen that syntax in reference material, never on an actual router.  You're probably right about what it does and you're certainly right that the access-list form is the usual (and best) approach.

But just out of curiousity, Big5250, could you post the link.  (There's no link.)

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