Restrict php cpu load

Hi, Im running Mandrake 9.2 and php 4.

I am also running a few game servers and I generate player stats for these servers using php. Whenever php runs on the server, it uses 99% of the cpu and causes the gameservers to lag and people often leave the server because it becomes unplayable for about a minute whilst php is running.

Is there anyway to restrict the amount of cpu usage php gets so it wont cause lag on the game servers when its running?

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Hi choccarlm,
Did you try "nice"? Or renice?



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choccarlmAuthor Commented:
No I havent tried that, how does it work and how would I run it?

You can either do
nice -[numeric value 1-20] command ...

Example: nice -20 apache

...or you can re-nice existing processes:

renice 20 pid ...
Such as:

ps -ef | grep apache | awk '{print $2}' | xargs renice 20
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The "nice" value affects CPU scheduling. You can see that with the "top" tool:
top -I

Processes with a higher nice value don't get an equal CPU share on a fully loaded machine. You could also use negative nice values for your game server when using root, but I wouldn't recommend that. Example:

renice -5 <server_pid>
choccarlmAuthor Commented:
so nice -n 19 command would mean that the command being called would get less priority than other running commands?

Could I also start all 3 of my gameservers using the nice command? I.E

nice -n -20 /bin/gameserver1
nice -n -20 /bin/gameserver2
nice -n -20 /bin/gameserver3

and the stats using

nice -n 20 /bin/stats1
nice -n 20 /bin/stats2
nice -n 20 /bin/stats3
Sure, you can do that. It just depends which process should be a low-priority background process.
choccarlmAuthor Commented:
so the lower the value (-20) the higher the priority?
"nice -20" is equivalent to "nice -n 20" - it's a positive number. a numeric -20 would be --20. And yes, a negative nice value means a higher priority (a "less nice" process). Only root can lower the nice value.
choccarlmAuthor Commented:
ok so nice -n -20 would have a higher priority than nice -n 20 right?
Yes, a LOT higher. I know of no system process which uses such a high priority. Be careful.
- means higher priority
+ means lower pririty

Here is a table:

-19 = highest
0  - normal priority
19 - lowest priority!

Kernel won't allow a -20 .. -19 is the max you get i think.

choccarlmAuthor Commented:
thanks a lot, much appreciated
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