If NotNull then...

I have simple search for where the user checks a check box next to the criteria that they would like to filter by.  But I was wonder if there was a way to remove the check box.  I have tried If Not IsNull but it does not work.  Here is the code that I use.

    If chkLegal = True Then
    If Nz(Forms![frm_Customer_Search]!txtLegalName, "") <> "" Then
        strWhere = "(Legal_Name LIKE '*" & Replace(Forms![frm_Customer_Search]!
        txtLegalName, "'", "''")  & "*') AND "
    End If
    End If
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Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:
Hi garland29,

  Not quite sure what your asking here.  Are you saying you'd like to remove the check box (chkLegal) and just use the txtLegalName control?  

And the where clause seems to be incomplete.

You get something like this:

strWhere = "(Legal_name Like '*yourvalue*') AND"
garland29Author Commented:
Yes I would like to remove the check box.  But there are about 8 text boxes with different criteria. I would like it to check if there is anything in the text box if not then move on.

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Arno KosterCommented:
so you'd want to filter on a criteria if and only if the criteria is not empty ?


    returns the length of the txtLegalName field.

if len(txtLegalName) > 0 then
end if

or you could use IsEmpty( ), IsNull( ), IsNumeric( ) etc
Jim Dettman (Microsoft MVP/ EE MVE)President / OwnerCommented:

    This is the way I usually build my WHERE clauses

    Dim strCriteria

    strWhere = ""

    If Nz(Forms![frm_Customer_Search]!txtLegalName, "") <> "" Then
        strWhere  = strWhere & "Legal_Name LIKE '*' " &  Forms![frm_Customer_Search]![txtLegalName] & " AND"
   End If

   ' Next check

   ' Strip off last AND
  If Len(strWhere)>0 then strWhere =Left$(strWhere,Len(strWhere)-4))


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garland29Author Commented:
I love the ones that are staring right back at me;-)  Thanks!!!
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